ND-Burma Members’ Reports

The followings are human right reports about Burma, published by ND-Burma member organizations.

Prison Overcrowding and the Need for Urgent Reform

Introduction Prisons are a direct reflection of a country’s administrative, legislative andjudicial systems1.Hidden from public view, facing stigmatization and afforded little publicsympathy, prisoners face a greater risk of having their human rightsabused2. These issues are compounded even further in light of rising prisonpopulations around the world and the prevalence of prison overcrowding.Reducing prison overcrowding, is an essential first step in reforming thecriminal justice system in Burma where prisons have a

Estimating Trafficking of Myanmar Women for Forced Marriage and Childbearing in China

In 2017, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Center for Humanitarian Health partnered with the Kachin Women’s Association Thailand to conduct a mixed methods study (combining qualitative and quantitative research methods) in Kachin State and Northern Shan State in Myanmar, and Yunnan Province in China. The study seeks to estimate the prevalence of trafficking for forced marriage and childbearing among women and girls from Myanmar (specifically Kachin State and Shan State) to

October Monthly Chronology 2018 and Current Political Prisoners list

MONTH IN REVIEW October in Numbers Sentenced: 8 Arrests: 10 Charged: 17 Released: 5 ●●● “arresting civilians for unlawful association or without cause restricts citizens freedoms and is an abuse on their human rights” ●●●     ●●● October Month in Review   October was another grim month for Burma’s press freedom. Three senior journalists from Eleven Media were charged under Section 505(b) of the colonial era Penal Code by the

State terror in the Kachin hills

 In late 2012, the Burma Army intensified military operations against strongholds of the Kachin Independence Army (KIA). This culminated in a massive offensive on the KIA headquarters at Laiza on the China-Burma border starting in mid-December.

Saving the Ngo Chang Hka Valley

History of the Ngo Chang Hka region The Ngo Chang Hka flows through the mountain valleys of the eastern edge of Kachin State and into the N’Mai Hka. The N’Mai Hka continues southward and joins the Mali Hka at the Myitsone confluence to form Burma’s great Irrawaddy River. The borderlands of the Ngo Chang Hka form part of the eastern Himalayan ecoregion, a place of globally outstanding biodiversity and ancient

AAPP and PEN Myanmar (2017) Scorecard Assessing Fredom of Expression in Myanmar

 AAPP along with 14 other organisations including Myanmar IT for Development Organization, PEN Myanmar, Myanmar Journalists Association, Yangon Journalism School, Burma News International and Article 19—issued an eight-page assessment report on the country’s landscape concerning freedom of expression under one year of NLD government leadership. The group evaluated situations in six particular areas—laws and regulations, media independence and freedom, digital freedom, freedom of assembly, speech and opinion, right to information, and