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June Justice Newsletter (June 2020)

Conflict Continues Amid the Pandemic, Fueling Insecurity and Unrest in Burma COVID-19 has continued to further expose the quickly deteriorating human rights situation in Burma. The escalation of fighting amid the pandemic has allowed more violations to take place with impunity. This month, conflict escalated in Rakhine State as several human rights groups released documentation on the extent of the alleged abuses, calling for immediate lifts on restrictions to humanitarian

May Justice Newsletter (May 2020)

May Justice Newsletter Ceasefire Declared, yet Clashes Continue Amid Pandemic On March 11 2020, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. With 232 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Burma, response efforts have been slowed and interrupted by the Burma Army – who continue to ignore calls for a nationwide ceasefire to properly respond to the pandemic. While the Army declared a unilateral ceasefire from 10 May to 31

April Justice Newsletter

April Justice Newsletter Health and human rights are interconnected and access to affordable and quality health care for all must be granted. As COVID-19 exposes Burma’s underfunded and ill-equipped health infrastructure, the health ministry has transformed public spaces to be used for quarantine sites and temporary medical facilities. However, concerns about the spread and containment of the virus has not ceased fighting. Despite the Burma Army’s financial donation of $1.6

March Justice Newsletter (20202)

March Justice Newsletter Summary Overview A Global Pandemic Hits Burma: COVID19 & Human Rights The Corona Virus, also known as COVID19, has been the cause of global fear as the world tries to grapple with the new realities of isolating during a pandemic. From a human rights perspective, fears of access to health providers and information remain the biggest concern.

February Newsletter

February Newsletter Rising tensions exacerbating conflict in Western Burma Conflict in Burma has reached a level of desperation for civilians, particularly those living in northern Rakhine State, who have been forced to flee clashes taking place almost daily.

Seeking Justice in Burma  January 2020

Seeking Justice in Burma January 2020 ________________________________________________________ Summary Report: New Year, New Challenges for Justice in Burma In a series of events expected to set the tone for the year, 2020 has so far shown no signs of the conflict abating, particularly in northern Shan and Rakhine States. A short video released by the Shan Human Rights Foundation demonstrated how the ‘4 cuts’ strategy used by the Burma Army for decades, continues to

Seeking Justice in Burma (December 2019)

Summary Report: 2019 was a year of stalled and broken ceasefires against the backdrop of a faltering peace process that has failed to deliver on its much-touted promises. In place of formal talks this year were informal meetings intended to keep the momentum of peace building efforts present and engaged. Meanwhile, fighting remains active in many of Burma’s ethnic states where civilians are trapped in unsafe and unstable conditions at

Seeking Justice in Burma  November 2019

Summary Report: Important steps forward were made towards justice and accountability this month for human-rights violations committed by armed actors and security forces in Burma. The Gambia submitted a case to the United Nations highest court, the International Court of Justice (ICJ), alleging Burma had violated the Geneva Convention.  State Counsellor, Aung San Suu Kyi has declared she will lead the defense alongside the Burma Army in response to the charges that genocide was committed

Justice Newsletter  August-September 2019

Seeking Justice in Burma August-September 2019 Summary Report: Throughout August and September, human rights violations were committed against the backdrop of peace negotiations, particularly in northern Shan, Rakhine and Kachin states. Despite reports that the Burma Army and armed groups agreed ‘in principle’ on a draft ceasefire at the beginning of September by the end of the month renewed clashes in Shan and Rakhine continued as the ceasefire with the