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HEALTH IS A HUMAN RIGHT How the Myanmar Junta is Violating Humanitarian Principles in their COVID-19 Response

In addition to a vengeful campaign of human rights violations committed by state-backed forces, the COVID-19 pandemic is threatening to increase the death toll in Myanmar. Health care workers working to control the spread of the pandemic and treat patients are being locked up by the junta. Myanmar needs health care workers now more than […]

Burma Condemns Myanmar’s Handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in new briefing paper: “How the Myanmar Junta is Violating Humanitarian Principles in their COVID-19 Response”

The Network for Human Rights Documentation – Burma Condemns Myanmar’s Handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in new briefing paper: “How the Myanmar Junta is Violating Humanitarian Principles in their COVID-19 Response” 28 July 2021 Since seizing power in a coup on 1 February 2021, the people of Myanmar have been forced to defend themselves amid […]

Pregnant woman among three reported injured by naval attacks in Sagaing

Soldiers rode boats along the Chindwin river and fired guns and artillery at villages along its banks, residents said  Junta soldiers injured three people, including a pregnant woman, and destroyed several houses during attacks on villages in Sagaing Region last week, locals told Myanmar Now. Troops travelled down the Chindwin river on boats during a […]

Weekly Update on the Situation of Human Rights in Myanmar Post-Coup (July 19-25)2021

The Myanmar junta is continuing to deprive and deny civilians access to COVID-19 prevention, including medicine, vaccines, oxygen and more. In addition, internal conflict is still rampant in ethnic ares. Urgently needed medical supplies are being blocked and civilians are paying the price. The junta is not equipped to respond to the COVID-19 crisis. International […]

Urgent Diplomatic Release on Insein Prison Strike

23 July 2021 At around 8 am this morning, anti-dictatorship chants were heard from inside Insein Prison, Yangon Region. The protest began in the women’s detention block annexe to Insein Prison. This block detains female prisoners arrested for pro-democracy protests and the CDM movement. The protest has now spread across the prison and some staff […]

NLD Leader U Nyan Win Dies of COVID-19 While Detained by Myanmar Junta

By THE IRRAWADDY 20 July 2021 U Nyan Win, a central executive committee (CEC) member of the National League for Democracy (NLD) and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s long-time personal lawyer, died of COVID-19 on Tuesday, while being detained by the Myanmar military regime. The 79-year-old was arrested on the morning of the junta’s Feb.1 coup and […]

UN convoy arrives in Mindat to provide assistance for refugees

Basic goods for refugees in Mindat Township which the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) brought has arrived in Mindat Township on July 19. Starting from tomorrow, the UNHCR will continue to provide basic requirements including personal protective equipment for COVID-19 protection, Non-food items such as tarpaulins, mosquito nets, mats, blankets, kitchen utensils and […]

Weekly Update on the Stituation of Human Rights in Myanmar Post-Coup (July 12-18)2021

The pandemic continues to ravage livelihoods in #Myanmar while the junta exhibits a lack of ability, coordination and will to protect the people. Life-saving supplies are being blocked and personal protective equipment is in short-supply. Yet, the military is only interested in preserving their own well-being by hoarding medical equipment for their benefit. More in […]

Shortage of medical supplies troubles COVID-19 fight in Myanmar

Myanmar citizens face serious problems with medical treatment and supplies in part because of the crackdown by the junta as COVID-19 case numbers appear to be growing. Residents across the coup-hit country’s biggest city of Yangon defied a military curfew in a desperate search for oxygen to keep their loved ones with COVID-19 breathing, according […]

Covid-19 deaths spike amid coup-induced collapse of healthcare system

The third wave of the pandemic—and the first to hit Myanmar since the coup—has been the deadliest so far Myanmar’s largest city is in the middle of a full-blown public health crisis, as Covid-19 patients die at an unprecedented rate due to the unavailability of medical oxygen. While official figures for the country are dire, […]