The Continuation of Human Rights Violations in Burma’s Transition to Democracy

Media Advisory:
The Continuation of Human Rights Violations in Burma’s Transition to Democracy

(May 9 2012) 

The Network for Human Rights Documentation – Burma (ND-Burma) has released a periodic report that has highlighted the human rights situation in Burma from March 2011 – March 2012, the period marking President Thein Sein and his government being in office. During that reporting period, 415 cases of human rights violations were committed by the USDP-led government and its’ supporters.3

Specifically, there have been 85 cases of torture, 59 cases of forced labour and 114 cases of confiscation/destruction of property reported. These are a direct result of the on-going armed conflict between the Burmese Army and ethnic armed groups in ethnic areas across Burma.

“If you look at the number of human rights violations documented in this report, you will get a picture of how serious the human rights conditions are in Burma right now, while the international community is applauding the Burmese government’s gestures toward changes. We support the government’s effort to reach peace with the armed ethnic nationality groups, but it has to be done comprehensively and indiscriminately,” said Moon Nayli, a member of Management Board of the ND-Burma.

“During this reporting period, the government has done little to improve the human rights situation across the 14 States and Regions of Burma. In this time of critical importance, the government should address the past human rights violations in order to uphold the rule of law and to deter the reoccurrence of human rights violations in the future,” said Nai Au Mon, also a member of Management Board of the ND-Burma.

It should be noted that the report does not serve as a representative sampling of all HRVs that have taken place in Burma. Because of security concerns, human rights monitoring cannot take place openly.

The report can be viewed at

For further information, please contact;

Nai Au Mon (66) 08 6 167 9741

Moon Nayli (66) 08 5 625 1912


ND-Burma is a network of 13 human rights documentation organizations in Burma seeking to collectively use the truth of what communities in Burma have endured to challenge the regime’s power through present-day advocacy as well as prepare for justice and accountability measures in a potential transition.

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