Support for Human Rights Documentation Process: Successfully Conducted Training in Filming and Editing

Video Shooting/Editing Training in Yangon

For the purpose of obtaining compelling evidence in support of furthering accurate Human Rights Documentation, ND-Burma has successfully conducted training in filming and editing in Rangoon.

A second filming and editing training took place in Rangoon from May 26, through June 13, 2014. Nineteen participants attended from ND-Burma, including two from HRDP, a partner organization that joined in the training.

Over seventeen days, U Soe Hlaing, the primary facilitator, gave classes about proper lens use, the nature of light, Photoshop, filming, and editing technique.

During the training, Ko Win Maw (Shwe Thansin) explained “how to discretely shoot while under a security threat” by sharing his experiences, including one involving one of the Burma VJ, during the Saffron Revolution in 2007. Also Ko Min Thaik, who won the award of Freedom Film Festival in 2012, shared how to create a documentary, and how to troubleshoot editing problems.

Participants visited the 88 Generation Peace and Open Society office as a field trip, to observe the office’s activities. Participants were also able to involve themselves in the signatory campaign, led by the NLD and 88 Generation, to amend Clause 436 of the Constitution.

On the last day of training, participants showed their short films that they made during the course. The showing was followed by a closing ceremony.

ND-Burma was founded in 2004, in order to provide a way for Burma’s human rights organizations to collaborate on the human rights documentation process. The twelve ND-Burma member organizations seek to collect and utilize accounts of the treatment communities in Burma have endured, in order to ensure justice and accountability, which are key considerations throughout Burma’s democratic transition.

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