Video Documentaries

One Family,Three Generations

In February 2010, Burma Issues conducted a field trip inside Karen State to raise internally displaced persons’ (IDPs) awareness of the upcoming elections. While they were watching a video, the township where the IDPs were staying was attacked by the Burmese Military’s Army. They had to flee into the jungle and our cameraman decided to follow. He became particularly interested in one family-a grand grandmother, 2 parents, and 4 young

2100 by 2010: Burma's Forgotten Political Prisoners

Produced by Human Rights WatchTime: 2:22 minutes In the past two years the Burma’s military government has intensified arrests and intimidation of political activists and government critics. Human Rights Watch is pressing for the release of some 2,100 political prisoners in Burma by 2010.

Flowers from Burma

“Growing poppies is not part of our traditional way of life. We grow them purely to support ourselves.” – Karenni farmer Produced by Burma Issues, January 200912 minutes 31 secondsThis video looks at the situation of Karenni farmers along the Shan/Karenni border who have been forced to turn to the illicit growing of opium for survival, and at the role that high-level corruption and collusion by officials plays in perpetuating