Basic Human Rights Documentation training for the Human Rights Defenders and Promoters network was organized by ND-Burma and HRDP occurred at A Lin Ta Gar, free education service, Bo Glay, Irrawaddy Region from August 11 to 18, 2013. 21 participants of HRDP from local area such as Bo Galay, Bassein, Thar Paung, Chaung Thar, Ngwe Saung, Nga Pu Daw, Kan Gyi Daung, Dhanu Phyu, Hinsada, Ma Aue Bin, Myin Ka


DC-Cam Introductory RemarksYOUK CHHANGDocumentation Center of Cambodia (DC-Cam)July 24, 2013 Repression, censorship, and state terror demand a bold response. Indeed, we must stand firm in our position that human rights are an immutable fact that will not be compromised or bent under any circumstance. But while bold action and an unwavering commitment to one’s cause are commonly cited as the most necessary elements of the campaign to confront the human


In collaboration with Documentation Center-Cambodia (DC-Cam), Network for Human Rights Documentation-Burma (ND-Burma) is introducing the Unofficial Truth Project (UTP), in which included holding exchange discussion with political party, meeting with former political prisoners and communication with non-governmental organizations. On 27 July 2013, an exchange titled, “Human Rights Documentation as a tool for dealing with the past and Moving on to the Future” was held at Royal Rose in Rangoon with the


The Network for Human Rights Documentation-Burma (ND-Burma) held its 26th Network Meeting from 6th to 8th July, 2013. ND-Burma is a coalition of eight member organizations and three affiliated organizations engaged in documentation of human rights violations in Burma. During the meeting all members decided to expand ND-Burma’s presence in Burma through the initiation of an Unofficial Truth Project (UTP). The UTP aims to provide a way for victims of


“Human Rights Documentation training is essential especially in ethnic area” stated one of the participants from Human Rights Documentation training conducted by ND-Burma in Rangoon, from the 9th to the 15th May 2013. One of the participants from Palaung area said, “I come from an ethnic area and I participate at this training. In the ethnic area, people do not understand what human rights and human rights abuses are. In


A Human Rights Documentation training for the Human Rights Defenders and Promoters network was organized by ND-Burma and occurred in Rangoon from May 21 to May 27, 2013. Ko Thar Gyi, a member of ND-Burma organizing in this session, said “ND-Burma will inform Burma’s Human Rights situation to the respective organizations and institutions in Burma through the Human Rights Documentation training, in collaboration with human rights defenders”. “HRDP is focusing

Video Shooting/Editing Training in Yangon

For the purpose of obtaining compelling evidence in support of furthering accurate Human Rights Documentation, ND-Burma has successfully conducted training in filming and editing in Rangoon. A second filming and editing training took place in Rangoon from May 26, through June 13, 2014. Nineteen participants attended from ND-Burma, including two from HRDP, a partner organization that joined in the training. Over seventeen days, U Soe Hlaing, the primary facilitator, gave


“Systematic human rights documentation is vital to defending human rights,” stressed one of the participants of the human rights documentation workshop for the 8888 Generation (Peace and Open Society). The 5-day workshop for 8888 members, organized by Network for Human Rights Documentation in Burma (ND-Burma), was held from February 5 – 9, 2013.


The Network for Documentation in Burma (ND-Burma) is thrilled to announce that we have held our first ever Fieldworker Workshop in Mae Sot from September 2nd to September 9th. The training included 18 participants from a diverse group of inside Burma organizations, representing a number of regions.