“ND-Burma recognizes victims’ satisfaction as key to sustaining peace”


peace-keyThe ND-Burma’s 25th network meeting has been successfully held in Chiang Mai, Thailand from February 11th to 16th 2013 . Twenty delegates from 10 member organizations attended. The meeting is part of the internetwork consultation process.

Mr. Han Min Soe, the coordinator, stressed the significance of the meeting, “Along with the regular sessions, we had a strategic meeting to discuss the opening inside Burma. We reviewed the political landscape as some of us have concluded an assessment trip to the country. We have decided that the best decision is to adapt to the current environment in Burma. ”

All participants have acknowledged that the peace processes between the government and various stakeholders has been underway, but stressed the importance that the voices of the human rights violation victims be heard and that their best interest be considered.

“It is imperative that a successful peace process accept the role of human rights violations victims. There should be some degree of recognition for the victims and their satisfaction should be sought. The victims are the most important part of Burma’s ability to sustain the peace, especially for a country with so many years of institutionalized human rights violations.”

Mr. Han Min Soe also indicated how the network could contribute to the process, “The ND-Burma has extensively documented evidence of human rights violations. If the government wants to do something for the victims, for instance reparations for their sufferings, we can help the process with the data we have.”

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