Revealing Burma’s System of Impunity

Burma Lawyer Council has produced a briefer that put a spotlight on the Circle of impunity in Burma.

Within Burma, there is a system of impunity that is geared towards protecting those in power. Structurally, issues such as the lack of an independent judiciary within Burma, the system of military courts that judge all military offenses, and the guarantees of immunity for regime officials all serve to systematically subvert the rule of law in favor of the interests of the powerful. Recent events within Burma have served to entrench this system of impunityand enable continued crimes against humanity and war crimes. The military regime’s creation of a “military-Parliamentary complex,”1 its establishment of domestic human rights bodies, and its fallacious claims at its Universal Periodic Review at the UN Human Rights Council, are all clearly designed to evade international pressure while allowing the regime to maintain the status quo. …

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