Political economics students float party

Political economics students float party

(Mizzima) – In the fray in the 2010 elections in Burma, will be Rangoon-based scientific political economics students after registering their political party.

The party dubbed the ‘New Age People’s Party’ will be registered in the beginning of April after the leaders from across the country have discussed party registration procedures.

“To confirm the name of the party on March 30, we invited leaders from the States and Divisions. The party will be registered at the beginning of next month,” said general secretary Tun Aung Kyaw.

They will cooperate with the military government for a genuine democracy based on the market-oriented economic system, in keeping with one of the junta’s mottos, “to build a modern developed disciplined democratic nation with the participation of political parties”.

According to the political parties’ registration law announced by the military junta, a party’s candidate contesting the election can spend at most 100,000 Kyats.

The party’s fund and the candidate’s own money can be used as the party’s expenditure.

Tun Aung Kyaw said, “There are enough funds with the party. So, we don’t need help from others.”

Though there’s a rumour circulating in Rangoon that the political economics students group will join hands with the Union Solidarity and Development Association (USDA), the members of the students group have denied it. But, a member of the USDA (Rangoon Division) said that they are cooperating with Brig-Gen Mayor Aung Thein Lin to provide non-profit health services for people.

A Rangoon based journalist criticized the monetary policy in the junta’s electoral laws, and said “to set up a political party, funding is very important. Without enough money, one can’t do anything. So, the political parties that want to have an alliance with the junta have an advantage.”

The rules and regulations related to political party’s registration dated March 8, state that a party has to register with the Election Commission within 60 days and the registration fees for a political party is 300,000 Kyats. For a party’s representative, the registration fees are 500,000 Kyats.

The New Age People’s Party has seven central executive committee members, and 15 central committee members. The general secretary is Tun Aung Kyaw and the joint secretary is Tin Soe.


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