NLD youth against re-registering party

 NLD youth against re-registering party

(Mizzima) – Fissures are fast developing in the National League for Democracy (NLD) fold over the contentious issue of re-registering the party in accordance with the harsh electoral laws

of the ruling junta.

The NLD’s youth members have taken a stand and decided to reject the junta’s electoral laws and are against re-registration of the party, following a unanimous agreement at a meeting of the youth members on March 26.  This is likely to influence the stand of NLD in the forthcoming elections.

It has become obvious that the NLD youth, who swear by the democracy icon and Nobel Peace Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi,  are desirous of following her wish, even though she has made it clear that she was not imposing her opinion and members were free to take a decision on the re-registration issue.

The NLD’s vice chairman U Tin Oo, and about 60 NLD youth leaders from States/Divisions attended the meeting. At the meeting, the youth rejected the electoral laws and decided to oppose any move to re-register the party.

“It’s unfair. There are the 1990 election results. The junta had declared that they would go back to their barracks then. But, they went back on their promise. So, we can’t accept the electoral laws,” Ko Aye Tun, in-charge (3) of the NLD’s Central Youth Working Group told Mizzima.

Most of the NLD youth members, who attended the meeting are around 20 years old. They are from all States and Divisions except Karen and Chin States.

As of March 8, the day the electoral laws were declared, it is mandatory for political parties to register within 60 days. So, the deadline to register is May 6. Ten political parties, including NLD, have to register again in keeping with the rules.

“We’ve decided to stand by the Shwegondine Declaration. We’ll follow NLD general secretary Aung San Suu Kyi’s wishes and policies,” a youth member said.

“NLD Youth Working Groups” were organized in about 90 townships.

In the central NLD, there are five, who represent NLD’s youth members. Aung San Suu Kyi was in charge of the youth wing before she was put under house arrest. Later, the responsibility was given to the vice chairman.

If the NLD does not re-register the party with the Election Commission, it will cease to exist automatically, according to the electoral laws. On the other hand, if the party wants to re-register, the party’s leader Aung San Suu Kyi and other political prisoners (over 430 people) have to be expelled. NLD will decide on the thorny issue on registering or not at the meeting of the Central Committee on March 29.


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