ND-Burma will inform Burma’s Human Rights situation to respective institution.


news-2A Human Rights Documentation training for the Human Rights Defenders and Promoters network was organized by ND-Burma and occurred in Rangoon from May 21 to May 27, 2013. Ko Thar Gyi, a member of ND-Burma organizing in this session, said “ND-Burma will inform Burma’s Human Rights situation to the respective organizations and institutions in Burma through the Human Rights Documentation training, in collaboration with human rights defenders”.

“HRDP is focusing on Human Rights education and intervening for people who have been the victims of human rights violations and abuses. HRDP members will continue to gather Human Rights documentation from what they gain from such trainings, in order to be able to inform human rights real situation on the ground to MNHRC and the Burmese Parliament” Ko Thar Gyi said.

During this training, twenty HRDP participants learnt from Human Rights documentation and methodology.
However, this session faced security threats as members received visits from the local authorities and the police. Ko Thar Gyi explained to them that “working on Human Rights meant collaborating in order to restore democracy in Burma; sadly, local and low rank authorities do not distinguish between Human Rights and politics”.

This session, led by the Human Rights Documentation training, was conducted by ND-Burma for the defense of Human Rights inside Burma. ND-Burma thus aims to strengthen human rights documentation capacity among potential partners and Human Rights defenders right inside the country.

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