ND-Burma Periodic Report demonstrates that human rights situation in Burma remains dire

Media Advisory: ND-Burma Periodic Report demonstrates that human rights situation in Burma remains dire
The Network for Human Rights Documentation – Burma (ND-Burma) has released a periodic report which has documented the human rights situations in Burma during the period January – September 2011. The report documents 261 cases of human rights violations committed by the government and its supporters in the 14 states and regions throughout Burma.

ND-Burma documented 65 cases of torture, 57 cases of forced labour, and 44 cases on confiscation/ destruction of property. The violations were committed as direct results of militarization, ongoing armed conflict, and mega-development projects in ethnic areas.

“We acknowledge that changes are happening in Burma, and at the same time, these human right violations are being committed by the government’s troops in the ethnic areas. It is important to highlight that the government has been in power for one year now, but the human rights situation is not improving at all. So we would like to encourage people not to make a rush judgment that the government is seriously trying to promote the human rights situations in Burma,” said Twan Zaw, a team leader of Advocacy Team of ND- Burma.

“The government said they are trying to reach a ceasefire with the Kachin Independence Army (KIA). On the other hand, they are deploying more troops in the Kachin areas. Their claims at wanting peace are insincere. So if the government is truly seeking to promote human rights situations in Burma, establishing a National Human Rights Commission alone is not enough. They should engage with all ethnic armed groups with an open and sincere heart,” said Moon Nayli, another member of Advocacy Team of ND-Burma.

It should be noted that the report does not serve as a representative sampling of all HRVs that take place in Burma. Because of security concerns, human rights monitoring cannot take place openly.
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ND-Burma is a network of 13 human rights documentation organizations in Burma seeking to collectively use the truth of what communities in Burma have endured to challenge the regime’s power through present-day advocacy as well as prepare for justice and accountability measures in a potential transition.

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