Fieldworker Workshop


ffw1The Network for Documentation in Burma (ND-Burma) is thrilled to announce that we have held our first ever Fieldworker Workshop in Mae Sot from September 2nd to September 9th. The training included 18 participants from a diverse group of inside Burma organizations, representing a number of regions.

The training was led by Aung Myo Mi from HREIB and Sai Myint. Participants underwent a thorough and innovative training designed by ND-Burma in Chiang Mai.

ND-Burma’s training addressed a number of topics: First, we improved our communication and collaboration strategy among ND-Burma and Fieldworks. Second, ND-Burma was able to extend our network to other organizations. Third, ND-Burma built upon an already strong base of trust and problem solving abilities between the main ND-Burma office and Fieldworkers. Finally, the training allowed ND-Burma to learn from local experience and to establish a standard system among different networks.

The training resulted in a number of opportunities to share experiences with each other. We felt that the training in Mae Sot successfully brought together a range of organizations to build a strong Fieldworker program. We look forward to the chance to join each other for future trainings.

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