Female Dissident Put in Solitary Confinement: AAPP

Noble Aye (aka) Hnin May Aung

Nobel Aye is one of 191 female political prisoners in Burma. (Source: AAPP)
Nobel Aye is one of 191 female political prisoners in Burma. (Source: AAPP)
(Irrawaddy) An imprisoned female activist of the 88 Generation Students group faces additional anguish after being put in solitary confinement in a remote prison, a human rights group said on Monday.

Thailand-based Burmese human rights group the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) said that prison authorities incarcerated Nobel Aye (aka Hnin May Aung), 28, in a solitary confinement cell in Monywa Prison in Sagaing Division recently.

The AAPP did not specify the reasons for the solitary confinement punishment in its press release on Monday. However, Tate Naing, the secretary of the group, told The Irrawaddy by telephone that political prisoners in Burma have often faced additional punishments or solitary confinement if they complain about human rights violations or prison condition.

Nobel Aye has been arrested twice. The first time was in 1998 when she faced a 42-year jail sentence for non-violent political activities. She was released under an amnesty in July 2005 following Gen Khin Nyunt and his military intelligence apparatus’ downfall.

She was arrested again in August 23, 2007, after the 88 Generation Students group led a protest against a hike in fuel prices that sparked monk-led national demonstrations.

In November 2008, she was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment and transferred to Monywa Prison in February 2009.

“Since she is not well, we are very concerned about her life in prison,” said Tate Naing.

According to the AAPP, Nobel Aye is one of 191 female political prisoners in Burma. The Burmese regime currently keeps 2,211 political dissidents under arrest.

[Background on Noble Aye from FBPPN]

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