Fact Finding Training


hrd_bThe Network for Documentation in Burma (ND-Burma) held a three day training from August 15th-17th in our main office in Chiang Mai. We took the opportunity to bring together seven participants – two from inside Burma, four from ND-Burma member organizations and an intern from the ND-Burma office – to undergo a comprehensive training on fact finding and

documentation. Additionally, the two inside organizations were required to join a month long training, organized by HREIB, in order to receive further information about ND-Burma and the human rights documentation process.

Beyond the initial training, Ah Wan, a representative from KWAT, shared information on Martus with the attendees. The Martus training demonstrated the database’s functions and ND-Burma’s ability to keep and organize information through Martus.

ND-Burma’s training resulted in three main outcomes: First, ND-Burma was able to further engage groups from inside Burma and build a network in order to better accommodate their needs. Second, the training provided the chance to bring together the two Chiang Mai based ND-Burma member organizations with the inside groups. Finally, during the training, ND-Burma was able to successfully test out our new curriculum.

Here at ND-Burma, we were excited to include this diverse group of organizations to better understand the fact finding and documentation process. We felt that the three day training was successful and extremely productive. We look forward to future opportunities to join a range of member organizations and inside country groups.

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