Evaluation, Monitoring and Module Development workshop has been successfully completed.


Network for Human Rights Documentation-Burma has successfully conducted a Monitoring and Evaluation on Human Rights Documentation process and developing the Human Rights Documentation training module from 6 through 12 March in Rangoon.

Lway Nway Hnoung, Training coordinator said  the purpose of the workshop was that “this is kind of experience sharing, finding the needs of assessment and discovering any  solutions from  the field workers about  what are the challenges of transportation, communication, interviewing and personal security when they are all  documenting the Top 17 list of Human Rights categories while  ND-Burma are collecting information on the human rights abuses and documenting in relation to the Unofficial Truth Project”

Moreover it was necessary to develop the existing module of Human Rights Documentation to be published in 2014 by the 2012 and 2013 ToT participants, Lway Nway Hnoung continued.

The workshop has two parts, first is a discussion and finding  solutions from  experiences and challenges of Field Workers and the second part is to develop the module based on the trainers experiences who participated in ToT in 2012 and 2013.

U Aung Myo Min from Equality Myanmar facilitated the session of how to develop the module of UDHR, history of Human Rights, Top 17 list, Human Rights Documentation as well as teaching aids materials such as visual, audio and other creative things. U Sai Myint Thu has facilitated and developed the session of Transitional Justice with all the participants.

11 participants from ND-Burma and 2 participants from HRDP joined this workshop.

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