Chin Progressive Party not to waste poll advantage

(Mizzima) – An ethnic Chin political party, which is to register with the Election Commission today, feels that though it is widely known that the junta’s multi-party general election this year will not be free and fair,

it needs to participate for ethnic Chin people.

“Many say the forthcoming 2010 election will not be free and fair. But we, ethnic Chin groups that are very poor, must not waste this advantage. At the same time, it is also certain that the advantage will not be fully granted and the polls will not be free and fair at all. But we should not fail to seize this advantage,” Pu No Than Kap, a member of the Chin Progressive Party said.

The Chin Progressive Party registers with the Election Commission in Nay Pyi Taw today.

Pu No Than Kap told Mizzima that they should take the opportunity presented by the polls to serve ethnic Chin people. “I believe the door is being opened for Chin state by the elections. So we decided to contest the polls for the betterment of ethnic Chin people and Chin state.”

This is the second time CPP is trying to register though it tried on April 9, because more documents were required to be submitted.

Besides, nine townships in Chin state, the Chin Progressive Party plans to contest the elections in Kalay Township and Tamu Township.

“Though the 2008 constitution is not ‘Genuinely Federal’ but it is almost ‘Quasi Federal.’ The Chin Progressive Party will be working together with the Chin government without discriminating if we win,” Pu No Than Kap said.

The Chin Progressive Party has chosen Rangoon as its headquarters. It has 29 members in the central executive committee and 39 central committee members.

As of now there are two political parties which will contest the election in Chin state. The Chin National Party has already registered with the Election Commission on 7 April. It will contest in nine districts in Chin state.

The Chin National League for Democracy Party, which won the 1990 election in three districts in Chin state, will not participate in the election this year.

Pi Za Dim Sung, Secretary of the Chin National League for Democracy said that they had decided not to contest the election because the Burmese junta is dishonest.


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