Aye Lwin denies taking financial help from junta

(Mizzima) – Despite evidence to the contrary, Aye Lwin, the chairman of the Union of Myanmar National Political Force, which is keen on contesting the 2010 election in Burma,

has denied seeking financial help from the junta.

Mizzima has obtained a copy of the letter signed by Aye Lwin dated 1 September 2009, addressed to Maj. Kyaw Swe, junta’s Southwest command commander requesting support for the party’s activities.

Aye Lwin admitted that it is a true copy in today’s interview to Mizzima.

In the letter he said that since his party  would be implementing activities such as distributing pamphlets, meeting party members, recruiting members, opening offices, enlightening people about the party’s policies and putting up sign boards and posters, he seeks the support and cooperation of the Defence Ministry and Southwest Command commander.

Many believe that Aye Lwin and his political group are receiving financial assistance from Aung Thaung, Minister of Industry No. 1, who is a close confidant of junta supremo Snr. Gen. Than Shwe.

Aye Lwin was an engineering student in Rangoon Institute of Technology and took part in the 1988 people’s uprising as one of the students leaders. However, later he was critical of Aung San Suu Kyi and pro-democracy forces. He started rallying against the economic sanctions imposed on the junta by western countries.

“We are into activities to successfully implement the ‘Seven Step Road Map’ of the government with the cooperation and support of the Industry Ministry No. 1,” Aye Lwin said in his letter to Maj. Kyaw Swe in September last year.

Aye Lwin however, vehemently denied that he and his party received any financial assistance from the State. This denial comes in the wake of today’s announcement in the government-owned media of the Parliamentary Election Law, which prohibits any party and candidate from contesting the 2010 elections if one receives assistance from the State or if one uses finance, land, house, building and vehicles owned by the State.

“We did not receive any financial assistance or anything that can be linked to this law”, he told Mizzima.

Though the junta has not announced the election date, it is believed that the elections will be held in October this year.


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