January Justice newsletter: Civilians killed and thousands displaced in Shan and Kachin; mass graves confirmed in Rakhine; protesters killed; landmine victims on the rise...

Seeking Justice in Burma January 2018 Conflict ramps up in northern Shan and Kachin states: civilians killed and thousands displaced An escalation of armed conflict in northern Shan and Kachin states has resulted in a surge in IDPs, with the UN estimating 107,000 people are displaced in the area. In northern Shan State hundreds of civilians have fled fighting between the Tatmadaw and and the TNLA. In an area that

ND-Burma December justice news:  Mon rights organisation details 22 years of rights abuses in Mon state and clear demands for justice from government; Conflict ramps up in Shan and Kachin; Ta'ang lawyer arbitrarily arrested and tortured; Reuters journalists on trial...

Seeking Justice in Burma December 2017 New ND-Burma member report details victims’ demands for justice ND-Burma member the Human Rights Foundation of Monland (HURFOM) published a new reportdetailing human rights abuses by the military and ethnic armed organizations in Mon areas of Burma over the last 22 years. Having conducted dozens of interviews, HURFOM found that victims overwhelmingly want justice in the form of acknowledgments, apologies, reparations or criminal justice. Conflict

ND-Burma October Justice newsletter:  Ethnic leaders lambast stalled peace process; Kachin and Rakhine rights defenders jailed; no progress on Rakhine, and more....

Seeking Justice in Burma October 2017 Ethnic leaders criticise government on two year anniversary of Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement 15 October marked the two year anniversary of the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) and the month saw a number of ethnic leaders and peace negotiators criticise the lack of progress on the peace process. The Chairman of the Shan Nationalities League for Democracy criticised the NLD for neglecting ethnic political parties since

ND-Burma takes part in workshop examining role of truth in peace (Aceh, Indonesia)

ND-Burma took part in a workshop entitled “The Role of Truth in Strengthening Peace,” held in Aceh, Indonesia, 9-14 October 2017. The workshop brought together more than 100 policymakers, academics, civil society and survivors from the region to discuss the role of truth commissions in strengthening peace. Participants reflected on the ways that truth commission have contributed to peace building in a number of post-conflict countries in the region and

August Justice newsletter

Seeking Justice in Burma August 2017 ND-Burma’s documentation finds continued impunity for abuses  ND-Burma published an update on the human rights situation based on its documentation, which found that grave human rights abuses continue to be committed by government security forces and ethnic armed organizations. Impunity continues to be the norm, with each case in the update remaining uninvestigated and unpunished. ND-Burma Coordinator Han Gyi said: “As long as there

ND-Burma update finds continued impunity for human rights violations

ND-Burma update on the human rights situation finds continued impunity for abuses 15 August 2017 For Immediate Press Release Press release in Burmese ND-Burma update on the human rights situation – English ND-Burma update on the human rights situation – Burmese ND-Burma’s update (English Burmese) has found that grave human rights violations such as killings and torture are ongoing in conflict areas. Sadly, impunity for abuses continues to be the

ND-Burma July Justice newsletter

Seeking Justice in Burma July 2017 UN human rights envoy tells of ongoing human rights violations The UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Myanmar said in her End of Mission statement that the situation in Shan state is worsening, with an escalation of conflict and increased reports of human rights violations. Her findings are supported by ND-Burma’s documentation over the last six months, the results of

ND-Burma launches Justice newsletter

Sign up to ND-Burma’s new monthly justice newsletter: Seeking justice in Burma  Please find below ND-Burma’s new monthly newsletter compiling all developments on recognition and redress for human rights violations in Burma. ND-Burma publishes briefing urging Government to discuss justice at 21st Century Panglong    On 22 May ND-Burma published the briefing ‘Without Justice there can be no Peace’, which outlined its 13 member organizations’ hopes, expectations and criticisms of